A Shekwonazhi woman was made for more than herself. She was made to be a champion, one who uses her voice and creativity to help others break free and heal from abuse, emotional trauma and stigma. Shekwonazhi is a story of color, culture, rehabilitation, expression, freedom and strength.

What we do

Empower Young Women who have been victims of abuse by providing tools for creative therapy and expression; who then become storytellers and agents for recovery and rehabilitative-change in their communities

How we do it

We train women to tell stories that drive social change and help them heal from traumatic experiences through 4 core creative expressions.
Creative Art
Creative Writing
Documentary Photography
Illustrative Dance

Why we do it

To challenge societal ‘norms’, confront victimisation, and discourage our conniving culture of silence.

  • Trauma is a thing
  • Just because it is tradition does not make it right
  • Women and girls should speak up  
  • Abuse is abuse: one picture of abuse does not invalidate the others 

Impact Outcome

To have raised social change agents across communities in Africa who are emotionally healthy and creatively productive.

Our Story

black-woman-posing-with-pink-yellow-powder 1

Sometime in 2017, AWWAS embarked on a journey to aid the African girl in finding her voice over the hold of victimisation and the culture of silence it thrives in, inspiring her to be an agent of social change.

We are building a community that drives social change through storytelling.

” When evil men plot, good men must plan. When evil men burn and bomb, good men must build and bind. When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love”


What do we have in the works coming up ?

Join Us!

It is possible for women in Africa to live trauma free. 

AWWAS is creating platforms for women to heal from abuse induced trauma through the collaborative support of organisations and individuals like you.

We can make this work, join us!